gospel consciousness — the wordless format — calls for direct experience of utter silence, direct experience of our Higher Self or Christ. In finding such, we’ll have found Authentic Heaven, Authentic Wisdom or direct Revelation from within.┬áThe reality is, we don’t NEED to physically read particular scriptures in order to find God within. Meaning, if we never read a single word of scripture, then that’s fine with God too. Once we’ve established pure-silence in consciousness, and express such through the heart, then God will have no problem picking up on our compassionate-love vibration, whatever our positional status in life is — creed or non-creed.

The question arises, how do we come upon the Bible’s core message without reading it. How then do we unravel the gems of esoteric wisdom therein? How is ignorance based consciousness transformed naturally into Enlightened Awareness? What is the method?

The answer to these questions are in the form of yet another question.

Esoterically who or what is biblical Jesus?

Biblical, or esoteric, Jesus represents inner Potential: the ideal human; the human soul in process of perfecting spiritually.

To this end, the Bible reminds us that, Noah, was instructed the build an Ark.

So, what was this Ark event which eventually came to rest atop of a mountain. What was the flood that God sent to raise Noah’s Ark?

The flood was a surge of transformational bliss-silence in to the mind-body, the Ark.

Noah is symbolism for you-soul. And the mountain which the Ark came to rest upon was the Higher Peace, Ageless Happiness, Christ Love within our own consciousness. In other words, silence builds the spiritual Ark or Mind.

Biblical Jesus, therefore, symbolizes the divine spark potential within each human seeking their eternal Christ Soul. Jesus, the spark, becomes the Eternal Flame, the medium through which Christ-consciousness r

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